"You're next to me in my life."

Ariane. 22 years old. Germany. Phansexual.

Here begins the tale of the tallest lesbian ever & her little lion prince.
Dan Howell & Phil Lester.

» the blogger.
» gay boyfriend.

my dream came true as you followed me, thank you very much ♥ love your blog ^-^

aw oh god this is so cute, thank you so much!! i like your blog aswell (thus the follow ofc)

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me when Dan and Phil upload 6 videos in one week +
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Let’s chalk Phil’s hair! 

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I think they´re fuckbuddy´s though




Can’t hear all you guys over the sound of my A+ editing.

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So do you think Dan and Phil are actually together? Because I am starting to think the same thing but don't understand why they're so weirdly secret/claim to be trolling shippers?


i seriously have no idea, but back in 2012 when the whole fandom was heavily discussing if phan was real i wrote a post and i think it’s still relevant:


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do you ever watch old dan & phil videos and just


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✩ Dan & Phil ✩ Phan // In Your Shadow I Can Shine

“Has anyone ever saved you, emotionally or physically?”
   - Dan Howell (2009)

A tale of a wonderful friendship.

Watch in HD please.

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“And then you kissed me…”I tried.


And then you kissed me
I tried.

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